Why Train the Boss?

In this tight job market with low unemployment, it is more important than ever to make sure your team members are engaged and committed to your organization. 

Research shows that front line supervisors and managers are the key to employee engagement, including your ability to recruit and retain qualified people.  When team members are not engaged, they don’t perform well, and are more likely to leave the organization.  We join a company we admire, and we quit because of our immediate boss.  Some people quit and leave, while others quit and stay on the job.  Really good people have lots of opportunities, so why would they choose to stay if they are not happy and engaged?

The best way to be able to hire and retain the best people is to make sure your supervisors and managers know how to keep their team members engaged.  Becoming an employer of choice and being known for being a great place to work, helps with engagement, recruiting and retention.  Engaged team members are happier, more creative and productive, which goes right to your bottom line.

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Skill Builders will train and coach your managers so they can keep your team engaged.