Use MBTI Personality Type for Leadership Development in Your Organization

Organizations today face an anticipated shortage of leaders, because of an increasing need for leaders, more people approaching retirement, and the broadening of demands on remaining leaders.

Increasing organizational complexity has lead to more challenges for leaders:

    • The work is becoming more complex.
    • Knowledge and expertise are distributed more widely in organizations.
    • More people are managed with fewer resources.
    • The workforce is more diverse and geographically dispersed.
    • The pace of change and performance expectations are accelerating.
    • Leadership increasingly requires the ability to influence others outside traditional hierarchical structures.

As leaders seek to inspire others to accomplish their organization’s objectives, they rely on a broad set of abilities, such as:

    • Communicating and pursuing a clear vision
    • Building effective working relationships
    • Making full use of each person’s abilities
    • Modeling an openness and adaptability to change
    • Inviting and managing healthy disagreements and conflicts

In order to acquire these abilities potential leaders can utilize many resources to aid their growth and development.  Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is one of the most powerful personality assessment tools for leadership development.  MBTI can help identify leaders and develop their capacities. 

There is no perfect Type for leadership, and there is growing evidence that successful leaders vary widely in their styles and approaches to leadership.  The best leaders are those who can skillfully adapt their style to meet the needs of the situations they confront and the people they lead.  Understanding Type can improve your leadership abilities in ways that fit your own job situation, and also match your own personality preferences.

Judy Preston is a certified MBTI practitioner, specializing in motivating and inspiring leaders. Individuals and teams will learn about MBTI in as little as a 3 hour training session. Leadership development starts with knowing yourself and your behaviors. The next step is to appreciate other team members for their strengths and differences. Call today for a free consultation and quote for team training or individual coaching.