Trust is the Key to High Performance

Building and maintaining trust in an organization takes consistent behavior and setting clear expectations.  Leaders should model direct and respectful communication and behaviors including honesty, understanding and a clear focus on high performance.  Disagreements are not feared. The successful navigation of disagreements builds a stronger team, and leads to better decision-making.  Excuses are not tolerated and follow through is essential.  When the team sees their leaders as trustworthy, feedback is honest and direct, and everyone holds themselves and others accountable to excellent performance. 

A clear mission statement and code of conduct are keys to creating the expectation of respectful interaction and excellent performance.  These documents must be front and center, used and reinforced constantly, helping the whole team make decisions.

We all would prefer to work in a respectful and productive environment where we are challenged and know what to expect of our leaders and co-workers.  Whether or not you are a leader, don’t underestimate your effect on others with your positive or negative influence.

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