The Secret of Higher Performance

Strengths Based Management

Strengths CoachingBy explicitly acknowledging the uniqueness of each employee, companies energize their workers’ independent thinking and creativity.

Too often, when supervisors or managers have conversations with their employees, those interactions are focused on tasks.  While it is helpful for managers to understand the tasks each employee is working on, a constant focus on fixing immediate problems can sabotage long-term productivity.

A more effective way to develop an employee is to center performance conversations on the employee’s strengths, which in turn leads to improved morale and employee engagement. 

People who use their strengths every day are six times more likely to be engaged on the job and three times more likely to be happier with their lives in general. (“Accelerated Strengths Coaching“, Gallup, Inc. ) Increased engagement translates to increased employee retention, and makes it easier to recruit new people.

Focusing more conversations on employees’ strengths helps them develop their natural talents and improve their work because they are able to emphasize how they naturally excel and how they’re uniquely equipped to get the job done.  This also enables them to transfer how they have used their strengths from one task to another and to repeat the process.

Strengths based management highlights individual talents so each team member can understand how to use their strengths in every day situations.  Giving ongoing feedback about how to use their strengths builds employee trust and enables better team performance.

Judy Preston is a trained Gallup Strengths Coach.  She uses Strengths Coaching and Training to improve team engagement and productivity which will improve your organization’s bottom line.