I have worked with Judy over the years in various capacities, as a board chair, facilitator and peer. Judy’s collaborative spirit and enthusiasm for a successful solution helps her meet her client’s needs. She is an ethical, honest and direct problem solver. Her ability to keep confidential information to herself yet be a listening ear offering well thought through suggestions, has always been a huge asset to me both personally and professionally. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for someone ready to meet the challenge ahead. — DeeAnn Richardson, SAFE Harbor Executive Director.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Judy Preston through multiple local networks. Judy has a knack for speaking to others in a way that makes everyone feel comfortable.  She comes across as very genuine and facilitates discussion with ease, sees potential in others, and fosters leadership by asking the right questions and encouraging new perspectives. Whether it’s group facilitation or presenting on a variety of topics, from leadership to communication, I would fully endorse Judy as one of the most enjoyable and well-rounded speakers in the Valley. — Whitney Cantlon, CEO, Mission Mountain Enterprises

Judy Preston served as the Human Resource Officer, Board Member, President and Chief Operations Officer at Access Montana.  She has demonstrated outstanding talent in her administration of the Company, including an aptitude for conflict resolution. When Judy became President of the Company, we were in drastic need of leadership, which she provided.  She quickly analyzed personnel and made the necessary (and sometimes tough) decisions that needed to be made.  — Roger Romero, CIO, Access Montana

You are fantastic! Not only did your training inspire introspection, but it helped me see how the organization as a whole can move forward.
– Small Business Owner (Strengths-Based Team Development Training)

Through the Gallup StrengthsFinder online assessment, Judy helped me understand the importance of focusing on my talents instead of dwelling on my shortcomings. She helped me feel comfortable talking about my strengths with coworkers. Simply put, the primary lesson I learned was positivity – spend time focusing on what is right between you and your coworkers and the result is a more productive team environment. – Roxanne Duckworth

— “The free flow of open discussion throughout the class was very helpful to me.”
— “I learned a lot about my strengths and how to maximize them in my work, and in everyday life as well.”
— “It was helpful for me to learn more about my team’s talents and interests. It provided a great perspective!”
— “What was most helpful for me was the team coming together in a positive setting to learn about ourselves and each other.”
— “The group activities were most helpful. I felt connected to my classmates.”(MME Retreat, Jan 2017)

— “I learned how leadership can be difficult. There are a lot of different traits and styles. The workshop was very helpful!”
— “The group activities were most helpful. I felt connected to my classmates.”(MBTI Workshop, Nov 2016)

— “It was helpful to recognize how my style impacts the decisions and the way I interact with my team.”
— “I really enjoyed this. It was nice getting to know more about co-workers and also learn about myself and why I do what I do.”
— “Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share with each other! It’s good to know where people are coming from, and to better communicate with them.” (MBTI Training, Oct 2016)

— “Participation between instructor and student was very wonderful. It showed many of the same issues and how to deal with them from different standpoints. Very easy to follow and kept me interested.”
— “The best part was having visual aids, such as “Your Signature Themes” and “Theme Insights” printouts. I also liked the notes on the Expectations of Supervision. The Transition to Supervisor had very good insight on how to move from Self-management to Management of Others. Direct and Respectful Communication topic helpful for me.”
— “Learning more about myself and my motivations was helpful. The Training helped me recognize that I’ve been lacking when it comes to providing positive feedback to my people.”
— “I thought the training was very insightful and will help us all be better leaders.”(Supervisor Training with StrengthsFinder, Nov 2016)

— “I appreciated the open conversations we all had on difficult topics. Learning how to manage those conversations was very helpful!”
— “The most helpful part of the training for me was that we worked with real life scenarios.”(Boys & Girls Club, Oct 2015)

— “The examples you gave as starters for difficult conversations was really helpful for me. Thank you so much!”
(Courageous Conversations Workshop, Oct 2015)