Steps to Motivate and Inspire Your Employees

A leader’s positive outlook and modeling can inspire team members to do great things. Showing his or her commitment will lead to success and others will want to be part of the process. To become a more inspirational leader, follow these steps:

  • Define clear objectives. Tell employees what you want to accomplish in simple language. Describe an opportunity and appeal to the values of your team to channel their energy.
  • Build emotional capital. “Emotional capital” is based on trust. It also relies on cooperation and teamwork. Your team should be a mix of diverse talents and perspectives, with people sharing ideas and listening to one another.
  • Recognize everyone’s contribution. Praise employees for supporting your vision and working toward it. Let everyone know how his or her work contributes to the team’s success, and share news about individual successes with the team as a whole so people realize they’re working toward the same goal.
  • Encourage development. Make employees’ goals part of your plan. Encourage them to enhance their skills as they work toward your objective, and help them advance in their careers. They’ll reward you with loyalty and a deeper commitment to success.

~ Adapted from the ManageBetterBiz Insider

Judy Preston is a certified MBTI practitioner, specializing in motivating and inspiring leaders. Individuals and teams will learn about MBTI in as little as a 3 hour training session. Leadership development starts with knowing yourself and your behaviors. The next step is to appreciate other team members for their strengths and differences. Call today for a free consultation and quote for team training or individual coaching.