Productivity Tools – Tips and Tricks For Controlling Your Time

Productivity“I’m too busy to plan!” If you feel this way because you have way too much to do, here are some specific tips and tricks that will help you get control of your time.

Determining our goals is about personal leadership. Identify where you are currently spending your time, and if you are getting to the really important tasks that will get the results you need to reach your goals.

After you have done your planning and are clear on your goals, and where you want to end up, there are many tips and tricks that can help you get there.

Once you have decided what you really want to do it, these tips will help:

Set your intention to accomplish your goal.

– Write it down – in detail (what, when, how much, etc.)
– Write “if – then” plans – for example: “If it is 6am on Monday and Wednesday, then I will go for a 45 minute walk.”
– Make sure you have written your goal in a way that you know when it is accomplished. – If it worth doing, it is worth measuring. Keep track of your progress on each goal.
– Read your goal 3 times a day (carry it in your wallet, purse or pocket)
– Write down how you will feel when you reach your goal.
– Write a list of all the obstacles that might get in your way.
– For larger goals: Chunk it down – reduce a large goal into smaller achievable steps.
– Use a weekly and daily planning tool that keeps you on track to accomplish your goals. Plan your week before the week starts, and plan your day the night before. On your daily to do list plan to get some of the chunks accomplished every week.

You can get better at controlling your time and meeting your goals. All you need is to set your intention, follow some consistent goal setting rules and plan your days to include accomplishing your goals. Setting goals and taking action will result in success.

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