How to Clarify Your Goals

SMART GoalsLeadership and management are two distinct skills that every effective leader needs in order to be effective. According to Steven Covey, leadership is doing the right things, and management is doing things right. In order to benefit from time management skills, it is helpful to start at the beginning – by writing a personal mission statement. Your mission statement will identify and acknowledge the many different roles and responsibilities you have in your life. Your roles will help you identify your intended goals. The key to setting and reaching your goals has to do with commitment and clarity.

Make sure you are focusing on the right goals. Prioritize which goals you want to work on first, and only pick one or two major goals at a time. Ask yourself: Do I really want to reach this goal? Am I willing to give up doing some other things in order to reach my goal?

Be clear – exactly what do you want to accomplish? Use the SMART Goals guidelines below to write your goals:
– Specific
– Measurable
– Attainable
– Relevant
– Time-bound

Write “if – then” plans – if it is 6am on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, then I will do 45 minutes of yoga.

Make sure you have written your goal in a way that you know when it is accomplished.

If it worth doing, it is worth measuring – make sure you measure your progress on your goals. Clarifying your goals is not complicated, it just takes some time, attention and commitment to act on what you really want to accomplish.

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