How to Be a Great Leader


We all want to be great leaders, and here are some ways to be great and support your team so they want to follow you:

  • Treat employees as partners. Instead of just issuing orders, ask your people for their opinions and rely on their expertise. Listen to their ideas and help them implement as many as possible.
  • Encourage everyone to be honest. Don’t get angry at bad news. Be patient when team members disagree with you. Remember, they know their jobs better than you do, and they may have important points to raise.
  • Create an expectation that all team members hold each other accountable to the values of the organization.  Model and teach others to be honest, open and respectful about things that are not going well.   Always say please and thank you.
  • Focus on their strengths instead of trying to fix weaknesses.  Your team will be more engaged and enthusiastic when they are able to use their strengths in their work.
  • Remember they’re human. People have feelings, desires, and personal interests. Don’t ignore them. In fact, set a goal for yourself to recognize your team members, personally and for the good work they do.  Celebrate their success and the organizations’s successes.  Ask how you can help them with their career goals, and show a genuine interest in their well-being.

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Judy Preston is a certified Gallup Strengths Coach. She uses Strengths Coaching and Training to improve engagement and productivity in your team, which will improve your organization’s bottom line.