Judy is a Certified Strengths Coach!

Judy has successfully attained her certification as a Clifton (Gallup) StrengthsFinder Coach! She is using her Strengths’ skills to help individuals, business and management teams gain greater understanding of their own, and others’ positive attributes.

Judy writes about Strengths in her article “The Secret of Higher Performance: Strengths Based Management”:

By explicitly acknowledging the uniqueness of each employee, companies energize their workers’ independent thinking and creativity.

Focusing more conversations on employees’ strengths helps them develop their natural talents and improve their work because they are able to emphasize how they naturally excel and how they’re uniquely equipped to get the job done. This also enables them to transfer how they have used their strengths from one task to another and to repeat the process.

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Judy Preston - Strengths Certified!

Judy Is A Myers-Briggs Certified Practitioner!

MBTI CertifiedI am very excited to announce that I am now a MBTI (Myers-Briggs Training Indicator) Certified Practitioner!

Last December I traveled to Dallas, Texas, for the week-long training. I have been familiar with MBTI for some time – and learned of my type preference in 2002. In the 14 years since that time MBTI has bubbled up for me in several instances – in my workplace, the family business, and in my own personal relationships.

With the inception of Skill Builders, and our mission to motivate and inspire leaders, MBTI is a great fit. The MBTI Assessment is foundational to our Leadership Trainings, and an important first step in a leader’s path to success.

Inspiring others to work toward a chosen direction draws on a leader’s abilities to engage and communicate with people effectively, understand their motivations, influence their actions, and build trusting relationships. Myers-Briggs Personality Type concepts are the basis for emotional intelligence which is a key leadership skill.

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