Crucial Conversations

Crucial Conversations – Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High (New York: McGraw Hill, 2012)

The first edition of Crucial Conversations exploded onto the scene and revolutionized the way millions of people communicate when stakes are high. This new edition gives you the tools to:

  • Prepare for high-stakes situations
  • Transform anger and hurt feelings into powerful dialogue
  • Make it safe to talk about almost anything
  • Be persuasive, not abrasive
7 Habits of Highly Effective People

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People (New York: Fireside, Simon & Schuster, 1990)

Stephen R. Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, has been a top seller for the simple reason that it ignores trends and pop psychology for proven principles of fairness, integrity, honesty, and human dignity. Celebrating its 15th year of helping people solve personal and professional problems, this special anniversary edition includes a new forward and afterword written by Covey that explore whether the 7 Habits are still relevant.

The Success Principles

The Success Principles (New York: Collins, 2005)

Since its publication a decade ago, Jack Canfield’s practical and inspiring guide has become a classic that has helped hundreds of thousands of people achieve success. This fully revised and updated edition of The Success Principles™ features one hundred pages of additional material, including a new section that offers a comprehensive guide to “Success in the Digital Age.”

The Success Principles™ will teach you how to increase your confidence, tackle daily challenges, live with passion and purpose, and realize all your ambitions. Not merely a collection of good ideas, this book spells out the 67 timeless principles and practices used by the world’s most successful men and women. Taken together and practiced every day, these principles will transform your life beyond your wildest dreams! (From Amazon review.)

Nine Things Successful People Do Differently

9 Things Successful People Do Differently (Boston, MA: Harvard Business Review, 2011)

Are you at the top of your game—or still trying to get there?

Take your cues from the short, powerful 9 Things Successful People Do Differently, where the strategies and goals of the world’s most successful people are on display—backed by research that shows exactly what has the biggest impact on performance. Here’s a hint: accomplished people reach their goals because of what they do, not just who they are.

Readers have called this “a gem of a book.” Get ready to accomplish your goals at last. (From Amazon review.)

Gracious Space

Gracious Space (Seattle, WA: Center for Ethical Leadership, 2004)

Gracious Space is a tool for change and collective leadership.  Defined as a spirit and setting where we invite the stranger and learn in public, Gracious Space is an approach to relationships that creates opportunities for deeper listening and understanding, and encourages the creative potential of diverse views.  This book explains what Gracious Space is, how it can and has been used, and how to create it in your workplace or community. (From Amazon review.)